As You See

Pamphlet and limited edition flickbook published to coincide with the film (Copies available email to request prices and more details)   NOW ON LINE

All That Mighty Heart

Black and white 24 page pamphlet published to coincide with the launch of All That Mighty Heart. Introduction and essay by Chris Mullen and Ben Russell. (Copies still available email to request a copy)

Site Entrance

Documenting the Domework residency at the Brighton Dome Redevelopment 1999-2002 .Full colour 42 page softback.

Recollect, Drawn from Site

DVD and short film about the commission and the creative process. A Silverbox Film commissioned by The Herbert and supported by Arts & Business and Galliford Try (2007)



Hey Presto! The Secret of Sound Travel (Willls' Wanders 2012) 12 page pamphlet to accompany the film

One Best Way. The Science of Success (Wills' Wanders, 2013)

On Air. Tuning into Wireless (Wills' Wanders, 2014) NOW ON LINE

SPIN: Watching the Wind 12 page concertina book